Rolling Pen by Ale Paul / Underlight Visual Poetry by Tomas Garcia

Tomas’ approach on the reveal of Rolling Pen is inspired on the enlightenment given by neon lights in the dark, through the power of words.
The neon lights were originally created to conceptually narrate over darkness. That’s why the collection has been coined "Underlight"; a way to represent light in neon form as the underliner of something important through light.
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White Lies by it’s a living.
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Cigg Seeds

An estimated 10 million Britons still suck down cigarettes faster than a troupe of aging rockers in rehab straining to cough out another hit tune. In the UK, cigarette butts sully streets and parks everywhere. What if this nasty habit could contribute to, rather than subtract from, the beauty of outdoor spaces? Cigg Seeds aim to do precisely that. A variety of smokes outfitted with biodegradable filters that contain wild flower seeds, they sprout and blossom into wildflower meadows when finished and flicked, or deposited on the ground. Butts into blooms. Cigarettes into snowdrops—the floral not frozen variety, to be sure.

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Summer Palace in China by Shen Xinhang.
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Canvas  by  andbamnan